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Kennesaw, we buy cars in any condition – Used cars, cash for clunkers, wrecked vehicles, junk cars, and damaged cars. We will pay you the best price to sell your less than perfect car or junk car in Kennesaw, Georgia. Give us a call to get a quick quote or same day cash offer in person. No gimmicks, no-hassle, if you don't like the offer, absolutely no fees or charges, no obligations. Junk car in Kennesaw for cash, we will buy it, and haul it away free of charge. Fast service in Kennesaw Georgia, we can be there within minutes ready to buy and haul any car away.


Call or chat with us anytime, no schedule is too hectic for us. Our doors are open for you whenever you need us, call to schedule a convenient appointment



We offer competitive prices, dispose of your junk car in Kennesaw Georgia. We pay cash for cars in Kennesaw, find out how much you can junk your car for



Junk Car Buyer GA has proudly served the local Kennesaw community sell their cars since 2013. Hassle-free local car buyers paying cash for cars in Georgia


Are you looking for a cash car buyer in Kennesaw, Georgia?

You have come to the right place to sell your cars, we pay the most cash for cars in Kennesaw, Georgia, regardless of vehicle condition. Anything from a junk car to a clean pre-owned car. We don’t just buy them if they are wrecked, salvage, or junk, we buy all cars in all shapes. We’ve developed a system that can satisfy our customer in every scenario. You may own a car or truck in Kennesaw, GA, that you want to dispose of; we are prepared to handle and pay the most for any type of car selling in Kennesaw, Georgia. We will even buy your newer model cars that are paid off, or maybe even that damaged car you have sitting in your garage, driveway. If you want to sell a car or junk car for cash, you are in the right place. Just give us a call and you will have a cash offer for your cars within minutes. We’re not strangers, we’re your neighbors in Kennesaw, Georgia, that buy used cars, trucks, and vans for cash.

No gimmicks, no hassle, just good deals! Doesn't matter how bad you think your car is. We take all cars, trucks, or vans of all years and all models. Sell that old car for some cash to a reputable car buyer. We offer the most cash for cars in Kennesaw, Georgia, it doesn't even matter if it's not drivable.


Looking for places that buy junk cars in Kennesaw, Georgia? Selling a junk car for cash in Kennesaw is easy at Junk Car Buyer GA. We offer top dollar for your damaged or junk cars and will tow it for free from anywhere in Kennesaw, Georgia.

With JunkCarBuyerGA, it's easy to get fast cash for your junk car — Accept our offer, get paid in cash, sign a bill of sale, and we pick it up from anywhere in Kennesaw, Georgia. Want to find out how much you can get for your junk cars, trucks, or vans? Call Junk Car Buyer GA to get a quick cash estimate for your car, truck, or van within seconds.


At Junk Car Buyer GA, the price you get is based on the make, model, year, and condition of the car. We provide quick cash offers for cars in Kennesaw, Georgia, free of charge. It’s quick and easy to get money for your clunker in Kennesaw, Georgia. We pay you in cash or check for your cars. No cost to you, we come look at it, make a cash offer, pay for the car, and haul the junk car away. Instead of you paying a towing company to come remove the junker, we will pay you the most cash for junk cars, trucks, or vans. You give us your vehicle, and we give you cash. It’s as simple as that.

Paying Cash For All Vehicles in Georgia; If you have old junk cars, trucks, or SUVs that are taking up space or cost more to repair than it’s worth, call us to trade it in for cash. No matter the condition of your vehicle, you will receive instant cash.

Sometimes fixing an old car can be an endless money pit, don’t be frustrated with a junk car, sell it and get money for the clunker. We'll come pick up the clunker in Kennesaw, Georgia, that is taking up space. Why not get paid to get rid of it? Junk Car Buyer GA will pay you the best price for your vehicle. Junk Car Buyer GA solves any junk car problem in Kennesaw, Georgia, by putting extra cash in your pocket.

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We buy any car in Kennesaw in any condition

  • Junk Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • Bad Transmission
  • Bad Engine
  • Hail Damage
  • Salvage Cars
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When you sell your car to Junk Car Buyer GA in Kennesaw Georgia, there are some simple questions we’ll ask you up front such as:
  • What is your junk car’s year, make, and model?
  • Where is your junk car located?
  • Do you have a title or tag registration in your name?

When you sell your vehicle to Junk Car Buyer GA, there are no hidden fees, no week-long waits for appraisals, and no waits on title transfers. Request our service, we'll pick up and remove the vehicle as soon as possible, usually within 20 minutes to 2 hours. Our experience in the automotive industry enables us to pay you the best price in Kennesaw, Georgia. We handle the paperwork, ownership transfer, and most of all, getting you the most money for your car. - The Junk car buyers company you can depend on. Some people call to get a quote and shop around; almost always, they end up calling us back when they realize that we had offered the most for their vehicle. The difference with us is we don’t offer a price we can’t pay. Haggling is demanding, and we are committed to convenience and straightforwardness. Our large network of Junkyards, auto repair shops, used car dealers, car exporters will get you paid top dollar. When we say we’ll be there in one hour, we mean one hour. We value your time and your business.

Contact us today at 678-984-3178 for an instant quote for your vehicle.

We give you the best price for your junk car in Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding cities. Once the price is agreed upon, our buyers will handle the paperwork and pay in cash for the vehicle before you hand over your keys and title. We are committed to providing a simple, dependable solution to sell a vehicle. If you live in Kennesaw, GA, or in the area, and want to sell a junk car, you should give us a call at (678) 984-3178. Our junk car removal service pays top dollar for any vehicle.


The current average expected lifespan of a car truck or van is about 8 years, or 150,000 miles. However, there are cars that are built better than others, they can easily exceed the average expected lifespan if they are well kept and maintained. Sadly, cars always have and will always break down. When a vehicle is out of warranty, that is when you find yourself with a broken car at a shop with an expensive repair bill. The reality is cars have so many parts that as the vehicle ages, rubber seals get dry and start breaking causing all types of leaks (oil leak, air leaks, fuel leaks…), internal moving parts rods, bearings, crankshaft etc. wear down and eventually break. The most expensive repairs are on newer cars with electrical problems, software issues, or inoperable modules, a minor crack in the wiring of the car can cause the whole vehicle to malfunction. As your vehicle ages, you start finding yourself at a repair shop in Kennesaw more often, and over time you realize that you have spent more money on car repairs than what the car is worth. The car may look fine, but the cost of repairs make it a total loss car or a junk car. You will be surprised that some newer cars with low mileage are considered junk, we have seen engine, transmission, and electrical failures on a 5 year old car. If a vehicle was poorly designed or built, it may break down much sooner than the expected lifespan. Some cars burn oil, others coolant, they all vary but the commonality is they almost always break down soon after their warranty. Nowadays, most cars have aluminum head blocks, which can warp if the vehicle coolant temperature exceeds normal operating temperature. When a car overheats it will cause an engine to misfire, and malfunction overall. A repair shop in Kennesaw Georgia can easily quote a blown head gasket job at $2,500 or more depending on the extent of the damage.

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Call Us (678) 984 3178


If you decide to sell a car that doesn’t work or is broken in Kennesaw Georgia, you should give us a call to find out how much money we will pay for your vehicle.

It’s easy, we are local, so we can come make a cash offer within minutes. We have been in business since 2013, we don’t plan on going out of business anytime soon, save our number (678) 984-3178 in case you are not sure you want to sell your car right away. If we have to drive to you in Kennesaw Georgia to make an offer, it’s still free of charge, and no strings attached. If you like our offer, we will pay you first, and pick up the vehicle. It can’t get any easier, the right car buyers standing by your car with the right price, and means to pick up the vehicle right away. We buy all types of cars, wrecked cars, salvage cars, inoperable cars, broken cars, junk cars, or scrap cars. It doesn’t matter what condition the car truck or van is in, we want to make a cash offer. Why is selling a wrecked car in Kennesaw Georgia to a local car buyer easier than selling to a nationwide online company, local car buyers like us will pick up and pay in cash for your car within minutes or hours from your first call. It is faster, easier, and yields a higher return for your car because we don’t have high overheads, and several middlemen to facilitate the deal. Sell your car to us, we will pay you the most cash for cars in Kennesaw Georgia.

We provide you with all the necessary paperwork to properly transfer your ownership, it's easy, takes less than 2 minutes.

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Traditionally, when you decide to upgrade or sell a car, you got Kennesaw Georgia's local auto dealership to trade it in. The easiest way to sell any vehicle is through a local reputable car buyer, they can come to inspect, assess the value of a car, and pay for it on the spot. Trading in a car maybe the only option when living in a smaller town, the cash for cars service is not available everywhere. The difference when selling to a cash car buyer is that you get a cash offer for your car without having to buy another one, you don’t have to set up multiple appointments around Kennesaw Georgia with strangers to sell a car. Contact the car buyers near you that will come to you anywhere in Kennesaw Georgia to make a cash offer with no strings attached. We can be anywhere within Kennesaw Georgia within minutes to buy your broken car for cash. Call our place to get cash for junk cars in Kennesaw Georgia.


Wondering what to do if your car is totaled? The first step is determining how much a body shop will charge to repair the wrecked vehicle. If the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the car, then you are better off buying a newer car, and junking your current vehicle. If the cost of repairs is near the value of the car before the job is started, it will almost always cost more after they tear the vehicle down. When a vehicle enters a body shop to get repaired, they will remove all the broken parts to see if everything is aligned, or if more parts were broken during the collision. This will increase your total cost of repair; they may have to put the car on a frame machine, or they may have to order more parts to properly restore your vehicle. Therefore, if your car's initial repair quote is close to the value of your car, you are better off selling the car to Kennesaw’s local car buyers. We won’t drag our feet, and we will almost certainly pay you top dollar for a wrecked car or junk car in Kennesaw Georgia.

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Are you looking at your vehicle and wondering whether replacing that broken timing belt or chain is worth it? If the belt caused your car's engine to get damaged, you may want to junk it. Buying a new car may be a better option than paying a mechanic shop thousands of dollars to replace the engine. The same can happen with a bad transmission; it may suddenly start slipping or stop going in drive or reverse. The cost to replace a transmission is in the thousands; it is time-consuming and tedious. Once a car starts breaking down, parts with wear and tear such as the alternator, water pump, radiator, emission system, ac compressor, gears, and shafts will start malfunctioning. We specialize in buying damaged cars, we are interested even if the car is a junker. We pay cash for cars in Kennesaw Georgia, we come to you the same day with a cash offer and quickest car pick up in Kennesaw Georgia. Selling a car that looks pretty rough for some cash is fast and simple, just have your keys and proof of ownership ready, you will have cash in your hands for selling your car in minutes. It’s that simple. Selling to a local car buyer like us, no need to clean out trash from the vehicle, and if the car starts with a jump, we will pay more. We will pay even more if you just want something else, and you don’t have space to store the car.

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