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Why Sell A Wrecked Car

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Let's dive right in! The first question you may ask yourself, can a body shop restore my vehicle back to its original condition. And, if so, am I better off repairing or selling the car as is.

The most important, and expensive repairs involve frame damage. If the frame or chassis is bent, it will have to be placed on a frame machine. The operator of the frame machine will pull the bent chassis back straight, the hourly cost to place a vehicle on a frame machine to adjust the frame is hefty, anywhere from $40-$150 per hour in Atlanta Georgia. The process requires a highly skilled operator; if the chassis/frame is not straight, the rest of the car, or car parts will not reassemble properly.

Wrecked Car

Selling your wrecked car can provide you with a quick and efficient way to get rid of a vehicle that may no longer serve your needs.

Once the vehicle's frame has been straightened, you will have to purchase all the necessary parts (i.e. all damaged/broken parts), the amount you will spend purchasing parts depends on the type of vehicle. For example, a headlight on a 2018 Porsche Cayenne costs $2000 vs $160 for a 2010 Honda Civic.

The following steps are; reassembling all the parts and accessories in order, repairing or refurbishing body parts, preparing the vehicle for the paint booth (tapping/prepping), painting the vehicle, and finally wet sanding and buffing the vehicle. From my personal experience, the most difficult steps are adjusting the frame and reassembling the vehicle. You'd be surprised how difficult reassembling could be, especially without a repair manual. - Something like a puzzle with hundreds of parts. Did you know it takes roughly 30,000 parts to assemble a vehicle?

After all things considered, you can very easily spend $5000 or more repairing a vehicle with frame damage. Depending on how much your car and your time is worth, you may opt to sell the damaged vehicle for some cash to a reputable company. On the other hand, if you decide to take on the challenge, and have time to work on the vehicle yourself you can have all the difficult repairs done at a professional shop (frame damage and the like), and complete the remaining repairs at your shop or home. If you decide that you want to sell a wrecked car, and are in the Greater Atlanta Georgia Region, contact our sales team (678) 984-3178 to find out how much we can pay for your wrecked vehicle. It's a quick quote for your car, takes less than 2 minutes.


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