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Junk Car Buyer GA - Junk Car Removal | FAQ

  • How can I sell a junk car?
  • We need to know whether you have the title to the car, and make sure you are the legal owner.
    In other words, you will need to have legal ownership of the car, and at least one document to prove you are the owner. Occasionally, we can buy a car without a title.

  • Does junk car removal mean I will not get paid for my car?
  • No, Junk Car Removal does not mean you will not get paid. - It just implies that towing is free when you call for a junk car removal in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

  • My car broke down on the highway, can you buy it on the side of the road?
  • Yes, we will buy a car that's on the side of the road, but we will ask you to meet us where the car is located with the title.

  • Can I sell my car without a title ?
  • No, we don't buy cars without a Title. We will only buy the vehicle if you provide state issued documents showing your legal ownership, e.g. Court order

  • Can you pick-up my car the same day?
  • Yes, we usually can have a pick-up scheduled the same day. If you tell the sales person that the vehicle must urgently be towed, they will communicate it to the truck drivers.

  • Do you buy damaged, wrecked, or salvage cars?
  • Yes, we buy damaged, wrecked, and salvage cars. As long as you have sufficient proof of ownership, we will pay you for your car. We specialize in junk cars, so our junk car buyers can assess a cars value within few minutes.

  • How long does it take before my car is crushed ?
  • Usually, your vehicle will be crushed the same day, but occasionally it can be kept for further recycling or refurbishing. - Depending on the year, and model your vehicle may be crushed in a day or less.

  • How much money will I get from selling my car for scrap?
  • The amount of money you will get paid for scrapping your vehicle varies. The price of scrap metal fluctuates therefore the price we pay varies according to scrap metal price.

  • Can I sell a junk car with a bill of sale?
  • It depends on the vehicles age. Generally, a bill of sale isn't sufficient to sell a car. In order to properly transfer vehicle ownership, a certificate of title is required

  • How much will I get for scrapping my SUV?
  • We can give you an instant quote for your SUV. Certainly, you will get paid more for an SUV than a compact car.

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